Thursday, October 9, 2014


you hear the language in your head
banging around in there
sticking to the sides
soaking through to the very middle
making noise
noise and meaning
noise and nonsense
the silence, even louder
angst and joy, mere understatements
when words are put together
weaving in and out of up and down
informing us, lying to us, singing and screaming
answering, acknowledging, communicating
excusing, exclaiming, pardoning, parting
they knock around
when you hear the language in your head
static on a radio you can't turn off
they lay around
and where does the nerve come from
to gather them up, arrange them
put them in an order that makes sense?
shreds of paper blow in the wind
once part of something complete
a meaning bigger than its parts
reduced to rolling meaninglessness
flags surrendering to the wind
bars and bars of music
broken and torn to silence

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