Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Please tell me
your angle that so compels me
Your take, your tale, your spin
your version, your light, your in
The padded room I live in
wallpapered with your words
invites my days and nights  
imagined songs deferred

Come, my dear, and say it
Clarify and elaborate it
Paint it for me and explain it to me
Illuminate me to the ways of you
that I might understand the says of you
and in turn of all things
the bigger biggest of what you sing

Communion, disillusion, reunion
anticipation, merging, fusion
The spoken, the true
the meaning, the you
Let my curtains open
to your narration sensation
that I may yearn and learn
and satiate and burn

Opening mouth, opening night
lay it down and say it right
weave your stories
through my in and out
Wrap me up in your tongue
tell me what it’s about