Thursday, October 20, 2011


I feel you
waiting for me
your grass fingers
promising to wrap
their green around me
Who will walk in on us?
Our time together
the utter you and me of it
Your silent ears
hearing my silent songs
commanding our dance
only to
finally, leave each other

and here you are
the next hour, next day
waiting for me
the ball I can’t cough out
My lonely companion
the only visitor knocking
on my solitary door
The you and me of it
This noise,
our dialogue
the monotone harmony
Spectator trembling leaves
dancing around us
as we cry in our still embrace
The you and me of it

Why do you always
force me to answer for you?
My too quiet companion
screaming at me to be let out
As if

You wait and then you
take my hands
the melancholic cold
of your touch
mad conductor
of my exhausted strings
always returning to the chorus,
the still silent longing
and celebration
of these words

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