Monday, October 26, 2009


When it entered the room
the window panes shook

It pounded into the room
in dancing plumes
and firework cracker teeth
singing madly

It poured into the room
soaking tea in a clay pot
changing its strength and color
like sunset soaked earth

It ripped into the room
with ambulance siren screams
clawing and tearing
breaking apart

It waltzed into the room
pausing after those three beats
kicking up its heels
spinning in tuxedoed orbits

It slid into the room
on swaying maiden honey hips
and slightly parted lips
with sweet languid longing
and tender satisfaction

It entered the room with pets
and gardens
and barbeque sauce
and automatic sprinkler systems
filling the room
with August aroma

It pulled its way into the room
lost inside itself
In needing out
desperately inseparably polarized

It seeped into the room
It spilled over the top
ran the down the sides
leaked through the cracks
and soaked through to the bottom

It tickled the room
digging in between each rib
with familiar fingers
and punch-lined anecdotes
with neck-kissed giggles
and knock-knock jokes

It exploded into the room
threatening to blow
the whole thing wide open
It ripped trees out of the ground
and sent chards across the sky
Tides flapped against shores
like violent flags

It stopped in the room
It emptied the walls
and scraped the floor and ceiling clean
It voided itself out
and canceled all reservations
until it was no more

It chewed its way into the room
It bit the skin
sucked all the seeds out
and swallowed the pulp
while the sweet nectar
trickled down its grinning chin

It walked into the room
sat down in a metal folding chair
opened a black case
and lifted the instrument
out of its purple velvet
It screwed together each part
covered the holes
licked its lips
and blew

It was forced into the room
drug in by one arm
With dug-in heels
it fought for the door
it resisted but weakened and crumpled
taken by its opponent

It dropped into the room
free-falling on its way down
gravity pulling at it
driving it faster and faster
towards inevitable impact

It lit the room
on wild fire
Flames rose
throwing up sparks
spitting and crackling
igniting the other and spreading

It crowded into the room
cleared its throat
and elbowed its way in
it shuffled through the multitude
smelling sweat and body heat
it huddled, surrounded

It entered the room
and the room centered it
spun it like clay on a wheel
The room gathered and connected it
wove it together and knotted it
joined and harmonized it
communicated with it
understood and adhered to it
And when it was altogether and whole
it was once and for all
the room

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